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Bullseye Appliance Repair is based in El Segundo and we provide our customers with professional appliance repair services. For several decades now, we continue to ensure that our customers enjoy the convenience that the different home use appliances provide. Therefore, whenever you require appliance installation or repair services, contact Bullseye Appliance Repair.  We serve you when it comes to repairing and servicing of different home appliances sold in the market. Our professional appliance repair technicians are equipped with advanced tools and the manufacturers recommended replacement parts. The quality standards applied by Bullseye Appliance Repair when it comes to repairing your appliances shows that we provide genuine services. At Bullseye Appliance Repair, our appliance repair services come at an affordable fee. Therefore, you will not end up feeling like daytime robbery as we ensure that our customers enjoy pocket-friendly services.

To schedule for appliance repair services at Bullseye Appliance Repair, contact us on (805)710-8508. We are committed to ensuring customers convenience when it comes to appliance repair. Our teams arrive in good time as scheduled and provide a reliable and trusted appliance repair service. Here are the services that we provide.


Our Services

Microwave Repair Services in El Segundo

Does your microwave seem nonfunctional? Does a strange sound come from the microwave whenever you start it? If your microwave does not warm the food well, this is a sign that you need to repair the microwave immediately. At Bullseye Appliance Repair, we provide professional microwave repair services. Our experts repair different microwave brands and we have genuine replacement parts for these different brands of the microwave. Therefore, if your microwave seems not to function well, Bullseye Appliance Repair is the most reliable microwave repair company serving the El Segundo region. We have years of experience in providing reliable services and our microwave repair customers have always expressed great satisfaction when it comes to microwave repair services. Schedule a microwave repair service with our experts today and enjoy an outstanding service delivery.


Dryer/Washer Repair

If your washer or dryer stops working suddenly, it can be a painful experience especially when your supplier does not answer your calls to explain where to check. Do not waste valuable time feeling stressed about something can be easily fixed by the experts. At Bullseye Appliance Repair, we provide our customers with a reliable appliance repair service. Therefore, you just need to pick the phone and we shall be at your doorstep ready to repair the dryer or the washing machine. The washing/dryer machine professionals have years of experience servicing different models and brands of the important machines. Therefore, you do not have to worry even if you own the premium brand of washing machines as we have the knowledge and skill required to provide an efficient repair service. Just call us immediately and we shall be happy to assist.

Garbage Disposal Repair Services

The garbage disposal is one of the appliances in your home that you do not imagine, will not work the next morning. Broken garbage disposal causes a bad smell in your home and if left unattended to, the neighbors will soon start complaining. Therefore, you have to make sure you have a reliable garbage disposal system repair technician who you can call upon for immediate assistance. Bullseye Appliance Repair is the reliable service provider and we are readily available to serve our customers.

Are you experiencing faulty appliance and you do not know where to turn to fort immediate assistance? Worry no more since Bullseye Appliance Repair provides you reliable technicians for repair and installation of different household or commercial use appliances. We are just a phone call away! To schedule a service, call us on (805)710-8508.


Dish Washer Repair

The days of handwashing your utensils are long gone as a good number of households use dishwashing machines today. However, just like the other appliances, the dishwasher can breakdown resulting in trouble especially when you need to wash your utensils early in the morning when you have to hit the road for that important appointment. Contact Bullseye Appliance Repair immediately and we will rescue you from the trouble. Do not make your kitchen a breeding place for roaches just because the dishwasher fails to start.

Refrigerator/Icemaker Repair Services

The refrigerator is also another important appliance that you need to ensure is fully functional. In case your refrigerator stops working, you need to seek a professional refrigerator repair person that will help you to repair the refrigerator. The same happens for the ice maker. The icemaker is especially important for use in commercial areas. To keep your business running, Bullseye Appliance Repair provides a reliable ice maker repair technician who can always reach out to provide you reliable repair services.


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